David Rozumek @ FinConf 2017

We Are Pleased To Announce That Mr. David Rozumek, IMF – Banking Supervision and Regulation Advisor, Will Be Our Keynote Speaker At The FinConf 2017 – Banking Supervision Panel


David Rozumek is an expert in banking supervision and regulation, with [17] years of experience in supervision of banks, insurance companies, pensions funds, and other financial institutions. He led the Supervision Department of the Czech National Bank (CNB) for eight years.

David has been very active in European supervisory bodies, where he devoted himself to facilitating international cooperation and advocating the positions of the Central and Eastern European states in EU institutions. He served as Chairman of the EBA Standing Committee on Regulation and Policy (SCRePol), and as a member of the EBA Management Board, the EBA Mediation Panel, the EBA Board of Supervisors. He was also a member of the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA).

He is currently serving as advisor appointed by the IMF to the banking agencies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and is assisting the authorities on drafting implementing regulation following the adoption of new banking legislation.

David has a PhD in Economics from Masaryk University of Brno, Czech Republic.

David’s Keynote Presentation At FinConf 2017 Is Not To Be Missed !

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