Samir Bajrovic @ FinConf 2017

We Are Pleased To Announce That Mr. Samir Bajrovic, Director of Microcredit Foundation Sunrise, Will Be Our Key Speaker At The FinConf 2017 – Microfinance Panel


Samir Bajrovic has over 12 years of managerial and practical experience in microfinance and sustainable development consultancy. He has been involved in implementation of numerous complex projects in the country and abroad, providing legal and financial services to major international development agencies and banks present in the country, such as: World Bank, EBRD, UNDP, etc.

Through his professional work Mr. Bajrović has gained extensive knowledge of the SEE countries legislation and institutions. He also possesses thorough knowledge of EU regulatory framework.

Mr. Bajrović was involved as an expert in harmonization of BiH legislation, related to the different areas of sustainable development, with the EU acquis.

Samir Keynote Presentation At FinConf 2017 Is Not To Be Missed !

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