Andrej Stuchlik @ FinConf 2019

Andrej Stuchlik @ FinConf 2019

We Are Pleased To Announce That Mr. Andrej Stuchlik, Senior Policy Adviser – Institutional and Regulatory Unit – European Investment Bank , Will Be Our Speaker At The FinConf 2019 – Banking Regulations Panel.

Andrej Stuchlik, Senior Policy Adviser in the Institutional and Regulatory Unit of the European Investment Bank (Office of the Permanent Representative in Brussels), focussing on EU banking regulation and economic governance.

Previously he worked as Banking expert at the Research Service of the European Parliament (EPRS). He is a former Manager at Bertelsmann Stiftung, a German think tank and Assistant Professor for Political Science at the German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer and the Andrássy-University in Budapest.

He has widely published on EU affairs, including banking resolution, EMU reform and executive-legislative relations.

Mr Stuchlik holds degrees in Political Science and Political Economy from Free University Berlin

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