Bill Harrington – Senior Fellow at Croatan Institute; Private-Citizen advocate

Bill Harrington is a Senior Fellow at Croatan Institute, an independent, nonprofit research institute whose mission is to harness investment for social good and ecological resilience by working at the critical nexus where sustainability, finance, and economic development intersect.

Bill’s work centers on boosting the sustainability of the world financial system with the aim of rationalizing economic decision-making. He focuses on the capitalization and regulation of derivative contracts and structured finance.

Bill has evaluated products in the international financial markets since 1987 as a: research journalist at Debtwire ABS; Senior Vice President & Derivatives Analyst at Moody’s Investors Service; derivative contract structurer at Merrill Lynch; and international economist at The WEFA Group.

Since 2011, Bill has self-financed full-time advocacy to rectify the under-capitalization of the complex financial products that started and fueled the 2008 financial crisis. He has submitted technical comments to US and European regulators, legislative committees, and law enforcement agencies.