Emir Memic @ FinConf 2019

Emir Memic @ FinConf 2019

We Are Pleased To Announce That Mr. Emir Memic, CTO at ABC Tech Group, Will Be Our Speaker At The FinConf 2019 – Open Banking Panel.

With 25 years of experience in delivering direct banking solutions, Emir is one of the true pioneers in moving financial services towards end users.

He started his career a quarter century ago in 1993 with development of interactive voice response systems, which enabled banking customers in pre-Internet era to use their phones for getting automated information on their accounts and performing financial transactions. In following years, he extended his expertise to authentication, cryptography, PKI and mobile applications development, delivering solutions for securing the access to internet banking and shopping as well as complete mobile banking solutions.

On his career path he progressed from software developer to project manager to CTO, working in different environments from small entrepreneur company to international corporation.

Last year Emir joined ABC Tech Group as CTO with main responsibilities in defining architecture of ABC’s solutions and contributing in design and problems solving with his knowledge related to specific technologies and experience in financial sector.

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