Martina Drvar @ FinConf 2019

Martina Drvar @ FinConf 2019

We Are Pleased To Announce That Ms. Martina Drvar, Vice-Governor at the Croatian National Bank Will Be Our Speaker At The FinConf 2019 – Banking Regulation Panel

Martina Drvar holds Master’s degree in finance, audit and accounting from the Faculty of Economics and Business Zagreb in 1997. During her studies, she was a CNB scholarship holder and, after graduating, she took a trainee job in the then CNB bank supervision area where she advanced from the position of a supervisor to the director of the off-site supervision department.

With the commencement of negotiations between the Republic of Croatia and the European Union, in 2006, she was elected Head of the Working Group for Chapter 9, Financial Services and as a Chief Advisor she was in charge of European relations in the area of bank supervision.

In parallel with European-related affairs, she was also in charge of the management of the central bank project of prudential and statistical data warehouse development.

Following the completion of EU negotiations, she resumed operational tasks in bank supervision area where in 2013 she was elected to the position of director of department responsible for supervisory reporting and banking system analysis. With the setting up of the Single Supervisory Mechanism in the eurozone in 2015, she joined the European Central Bank as Joint Supervisory Team Coordinator supervising subsidiaries of American parent banks in a number of European countries and cooperating closely with other global bank supervisors and international bodies responsible for recovery plans of those banks.

Pursuant to the decision of the Croatian Parliament, Martina Drvar assumed office as Vice-Governor of the Croatian National Bank on 18 July 2018.

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