Tanja Bivic Plankar @ FinConf 2019

Tanja Bivic Plankar @ FinConf 2019

We Are Pleased To Announce That Ms. Tanja Bivic, President of Blockchain Alliance Europe Will Be Our Speaker At The FinConf 2019 – The Slovenian Model Panel

Tanja Bivic Plankar is an active and respectable member of the regional crypto community.

As a media and a PR professional, she has been involved in numerous blockchain-related media campaigns. Since March 2018, she also took the role of a president of Blockchain Alliance Europe – a NGO and an economics-interest group, connecting companies and legal entities that are a part of blockchain ecosystem.

Within that scope, Tanja is a passionate advocate of smart regulation for DLT companies, emphasizing the importance of join cooperation with an argument that a strong blockchain industry, which will be able to scale and evolve, can only be accomplished by working together on a national and European level.

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